Tuesday, September 6, 2016

13 months old

On Sunday, Brody turned 13 months. He is 32 inches tall and weighs 27.9 pounds. He is into everything. He is fully walking and is actually starting to run everywhere. He is as crazy as can be but I am loving every minute. He has mastered the fake cry and does it on cue. His appetite has slowed some but is he still a very good eater. 
He can say: Mom, Momma, Ball, Bull, Block, Bubble, Book, Bullet and Pop. On occasions he can say: Kiki, Mimi and Dada. He is learning how take a command and do it. Like, "Brody, bring me your blanket." and he go do it. 
He has 10 teeth now and 3 more on the way. He is still on the bottle but he is taking half milk/half formula. Because of his acid reflux, we are slowly adding milk but so far he is doing good. I have tried milk/formula in a sippy cup and he doesn't like it so we are waiting on that, per his doctors advise. He will take anything else in a sippy cup, just not the milk/formula mixture. He still takes his acid reflux medicine and will till he is 15 months, then we will try him without it. 

He just makes us so happy. His personality is huge and he makes me laugh on a daily basis. He loves getting a laugh too. He is just so much fun and I can never imagine my life without him.