Monday, September 19, 2016

Our Mexican get-away

I wish I could have taken you all with me. I wish I could have stored you all in my carry-on and that way you could have seen how gorgeous this place was. But I couldn't and I didn't so you will have live vicariously through me today. 

When Bobby and I were deciding what we wanted to do for our 5 year anniversary, I knew I wanted to go to the beach and I knew I wanted an all-inclusive. I had been seeing these very dirty commercials for this place called Secrets Resorts. If you have seen the commercials, you know what I am talking about. They should be shown at 11pm at night, not 3pm during Ellen. 


So we looked it up and researched the best one and decided on Secrets Maroma. Located in Maroma, Mexico, about 30 miles south of Cancun and about 10 miles north of Playa Del Carmen. I thought the whole time we were going to Playa, hence why I told all of you. But once we got there, we learned we were actually in Maroma, that the resort name wasn't just a name. 

Have you seen those commercials for where someone is walking through a nasty jungle and debating on if they made a great decision or not and then all of a sudden, behind a huge tree stands the most beautiful hotel/resort? That is exactly how it was for us. The driver took us off a beaten path, a small one lane road in the middle of nowhere and then all of a sudden, you come up to a large gate and behind that gate was the prettiest place I have ever seen. 

I love the fact that Bobby and I paid one sum and we were done. Dinner, drinks all taken care of. And they did not disappoint. High end food, 24 hour room service and top shelf drinks. 

But let's stop chatting and let's get to looking at photos! 

The Resort.
The front lobby area where you check in. 

 Right outside the main area. This is the way you walk everyday to get to the pools or the beach. 

The hotel bus had picked us up from the airport and took us to the resort. When we got there, they served us champagne with cherries in them. I had 3 of them by the time I was in the room. Don't judge! 

Our room. 
We got a swim out pool room. We had one of these on our honeymoon and we knew we wanted one again. To be honest, we didn't use it as much as we used the one in Jamaica. Mosquitos were so bad that I had to be very careful what time of day I wanted to go swimming. But I was still glad we got this room. The room also had a huge jaccuzzi tub in the middle of the room which was so nice after a long day at the beach. They also had a Happy Anniversary banner on our door the whole time so the staff would know. 

Our days. 
To be honest, I did not take that many photos. Which is so unlike me. But I was enjoying my time with my husband, I was enjoying my drinks and I was enjoying be baby free. We hung out by the pool mostly and would venture to the beach once a day to enjoy it. I am not one for getting in the water and when I do, I don't go past my waist. But Bobby loves it so I just laid out and took in the quiet. Friday night we went to the dance club they had there and didn't get back to the room till 2am. Saturday morning was full of Bloody Mary's and bacon and a nap. Saturday was our actual 5 year anniversary so we decided on the French resturant that night. By far my favorite meal of the whole trip. They had escargot and I got 2 of them! One for appitizer and one for dessert. Sunday we watched the football games at the bar because it was pouring down rain but we didn't care. It was nice to be out of the sun for a little bit and enjoying the games. 

 There was multiple bars but 2 of them had swings instead of bar stools. One of my favorite things about this place. 

 Buffet breakfast everyday. I ate more bacon on this trip then I prolly eat in one year! 

 Our favorite pool. The beach is just over the side of those huts. We got here early everyday so we could get a spot to see. 

 We enjoyed a cuban cigar because why not. We don't inhale, just puff and what you see gone is all we did. It ended up lost or thrown away or something. 

 We thought about getting a hut on the beach for the day but we didn't. They always seemed to be taken and since we didn't stay the whole day by the beach, we decided against it. But they sure are beautiful. 

 Favorite meal! If anyone knows where I can get escargot in Dallas/Ft. must let me know! 

Last day. 
We both slept in everyday because we could. But this morning, we had to be at the bus by 7:45am so we decided to get up early and go walk the property one last time. I got the best pictures. The sun was just right over everything and we just stood there hand in hand, not talking, just there together, enjoying God's handy work, enjoying our last moments of freedom :-) 

If you are interested in where we went, here is the link for the resort. We actually booked through Cheap Caribbean and it helped save time and money on everything. They did mess up our seats going and coming but that was an easy fix through the airline ticket counter. 

I seriously had the best time. I can't wait to go back. Secrets will always be a place I go to first when looking for vacations. The guy there said they were building in Puerto Rico which doesn't require a U.S. passport so once that one is up and going, I am going to look into that. 

I can't wait for our next getaway. I love being with this man of mine!