Friday, September 23, 2016

Five on Friday

one. This kid and that blanket
That was Bobby's baby blanket that became mine when we started dating. I slept with that thing for 11 & 1/2 years before handing it over to my son. Now he can't sleep without it. I love how attached he is to it because of the sentimental value it holds for both Bobby and I. Bobby knows to grab it durning a fire. And that will be easy to remember because as of right now, he grabs Brody, he grabs that blanket too. 

A friend of mine bought this machine online and made her own "noodles" out of veggies. I went an easier route. I found them already ready to go. Y'all.....delicious and super easy to make. We added a little parmesan cheese, olive oil and Olive Garden dressing to it in a pan and in like 3 minutes it was done. And it tasted amazing. They come in zucchini, sweet potato, butternut squash and beet. We did the zucchini. 

three. A crush
Brody has had a crush on Jasmine since the day he met her. He loves her (which my whole household does). The day we told him that David and Jasmine were getting married, he cried. When David come to his party by himself, he looked for her. The whole morning she was here last Sunday, he was by her side. And I love that they asked him to be the ring bearer for their wedding. It might break his heart to witness it but having him there will be very special to us. 

four. This Is Us
My new favorite show. I can't rave enough on it. If you missed it, you can find it OnDemand or through Hulu or something. Watch it. Love it. Just a good show. NBC at 9pm on Tuesday. 

five. Lion Cub
I know I blogged this picture yesterday, but I love it so much it made my five. 
"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the cutest lion cub of all?" 
You are my handsome baby boy! You