Thursday, September 22, 2016

40% off

Dear Diary,

Today only, Target is having 40% off babies and children's Halloween costumes (and selected candy). Target is already cheap enough for costumes but you add 40% off on top of that, it's like how do I not go. Only catch is that you must have the Target Cartwheel app. Besides my Instagram, Angry Birds and Candy Crush apps, Cartwheel app is my favorite! I use it every week and every week I save money just by having it. And then on top of that, I have a Target card and it is linked up to my debit account so it automatically comes out of my account but the perk is that I get 5% off everything! So if you have the app and the card, you can get 45% off halloween costumes today. It's really easy to use. Just download it from the app store, create an account and then add the things you want to your list and done! 
(not everything at Target is on the app. Just certain products and they change weekly) 
Brody had so many options! There is a commercial about a dad and his daughter and he takes her on an adventure to a zoo but the whole commercial she is wearing a tiger costume and Bobby just dies when he sees this commercial (it tugs at those daddy heartstrings). So he said to get Brody something like that. It was between a monkey and a lion and we decided on the lion. 

He is the cutest lion I have ever seen!

For reference, Brody is 13 months, weighs 28 pounds and is about 32 inches tall. I got him 18-24 months and it is a little long on him but Halloween is in 6 weeks so I would rather it be a tad big than too small. 

Love, Me