Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vacation, part 2

Dear Diary, 

Let's continue on with the Galveston trip 2016 from yesterday. 

July 5th
Kent kissing a shrimp. I told you, this kid loves animals of all kinds. 

Brody getting a snack with Grammy. It is rare and hard to get a picture of her so when I see an opportunity to do it, I take it.

I never get a picture of Brody sleeping. EVER! But because we shared the same room, I was able to capture this when I went in to shower while he was still napping. So sweet. 

July 6th
Every morning, Debbie goes walking. And Kent and Billy usually go with her. Sometimes Kristen goes, sometimes Billie goes, sometimes Bobby goes. This morning, Bobby took Brody on the walk. Debbie takes the best photos. She sent me these from their walk. 

This yellow shovel was his favorite. He usually had it in his hand or near him. 

This swimsuit was Landry's too. It might be my favorite they have worn. 

Like father, like son

 Sometimes we have to take Brody outside of a restaurant if he is getting upset or antsy. This night was one of them. But it makes for a great photo opt. 

What's up with using the babies as bait?! 

July 7th

All the kiddos got their name in the sand and the ages they are. Thank you Aunt Kristen and Aunt Angie for making Brody one. 

Billy thought it would be fun to take Brody far into the water and juggle him around. And Brody thought it would be fun to puke on Billy's head. Thank God it was Billy he did this too. Nothing bothers him. 

Our annual photo on the beach. It amazes how it use to be 6 of us! And now there is 11 of us. 

July 8th
I didn't get any photos of us coming home. But I did capture Brody and Bullet's reunion. It was the best! Oh and the reason Brody is in Bobby's shirt, he decided to have a blow out halfway to being home and I couldn't get to his clothes. This was all we could reach . I think it's adorable. 

I am so proud of my son. I love being with the Lewis family. I can't wait to go back next year. Tomorrow I am sharing my 5 favorite photos of the week. They are ones I will cherish forever. 

Love, Me