Tuesday, July 12, 2016

48 weeks/ 49 weeks

How old? 48 and 49 weeks. Since we were on vacation most of that time, I figured combining these weeks was easiest. 

Likes? Watermelon juice

Hates? Long car rides

Milestones this week? Walking on his own. The most steps he took was 20 on vacation and we were so proud. 

Sleeping? He did so good on vacation! I had my sister praying for him every night. He was in a pack n play in our room on the other side. Billy bought us a fan that we had going at all time. It was a white noise and he slept so well to it. So well, that we even put it in his room at home. 

Eating? He ate so good on vacation. Angie brought these really soft, oversized, cheese puffs and Brody thought he had hit the lottery. I will keep buying them for him. They dissolve easy and he loves them.