Friday, July 22, 2016

Five on Friday

one. Working at the Car Wash
My kid is obsessed with the water hose. He loves it. He could play with the water hose for hours. But we don't like wasting water so we make use of this love. And one of the uses is washing the cars. This is the second week in a row Bobby has done this and Brody loves it. He tries to help. He usually just slings water everywhere and plays in the bubbles but it keeps him highly entertained and seeing him in his Honest Speedo just makes my day #babythighsarethebest

two. Straws
I am so glad he has mastered this. He loves them. Only problem is now, no matter what I am drinking, he wants it to. I use to be able to use a straw and he would ignore it but now that he knows how to do it, he wants mine! He's too cute not to share (except my margarita...he has to wait for that).

three. The CrossFit Games
My gym kept telling us they were coming and all that hooplah and I seriously rolled my eyes at it. Then I went to see what all the fuss was about and here I am...glued to it. They are so inspiring. They have 15 year olds competing and 60 year olds, and every age in between. Individuals and teams compete. People from all over the world compete. I get caught up in watching it on YouTube and TV. Thank God they are only on this week or I would never stop (they end on the 24th). It makes me want to workout harder and keep my body going. 

four. Groovebook
I have been ordering my monthly Groovebook since last October. The reason I started it was because I wanted a way to get photos without paying a lot or having to do a lot of work. This is the easiest, cheapest, fastest way to get my photos. It is $2.99 a month for 100 photos and then if you want an extra book for the month, it's an additional $2.99 for each book. I take a lot of photos so it's nice to have them printed. You can order 100 of the same photos if you wanted. It does take about 2-3 weeks to get it in and they aren't premium quality paper but for $2.99, it rocks! Use my code LEWIS9410 to get your first Groovebook for FREE! 

five. Jessica Jones
So after I finished watching OITNB (in less than one week), I knew I needed to find another Netflix show to watch. It was gonna be Game of Thrones but Netflix doesn't offer it so I searched around and I stumbled across this. I am addicted. There is only one season (second season has been ordered, yay) so you can get caught up really quick. Krysten Ritter plays her and does such a great job. I love everything about her. Her attitude, her abilities (she has superhuman strength and can fly), her badass-ness, her drinking. To sum it up really simply, she is rogue superhero. She is a detective by day that is hunted by a evil man that she is trying to defeat. She is part of the Marvel family. Just watch it. It is for adults just fyi (there is language and sex scenes and scary situations). 

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