Thursday, July 28, 2016

Out with the old, In with the new

Dear Diary,

Ever since we moved into our home last year, I have had problems with my dishwasher. It doesn't wash properly. Everything comes out spotty or wet or simply still dirty. And I have switched soaps, I have tried liquid, I have tried tabs, I added a higher dial of Jet Dry. Nothing!

Fact about me: I am EXTREMELY picking on how my dishwasher is loaded. I refuse to have anyone load my dishwasher. Bobby has tried to help me (especially after having Brody) and I would go behind him and fix it. It's where my OCD comes in. It's honestly the only thing really I am OCD about. I won't even let my mom load it when she is at the house with Brody. 

Ok...back to story. So Bobby was helping me put dishes away one night (that he can help with) and he asked "Are dishes supposed to come out like this?" Finally he noticed! I said "I am sure you have heard me bitch to you about this but I guess it took you seeing it for yourself to understand." So he said we could look into getting a new one. My birthday was in about 2 months so I told him that I would find the one I wanted, find where it was and ask for gift cards/money to go towards it. Win Win. 

So I did just that. Usually when people ask me what I want for birthday/Christmas, my response is usually either nothing, I'm good or I don't know, just whatever you want to get me. But this year, I said "Lowe's gift card please. I am getting me a dishwasher!" 

When I went to Lowe's, the sales guy asked me what I was wanting and I told him: Bosch. He asked me why? I said I had done my research and that was the one that seemed to fit what I was wanting. He then asked me what was I wanting in a dishwasher?....I told him: I KNEW I wanted a third rack for utensils and baby items. That was a must for me. I also KNEW I wanted something that dried well. I hate pulling dishes out and they are still wet. I KNEW I wanted stainless steel. I KNEW I wanted it to be quiet enough to not wake Brody (he's a light sleeper). I KNEW I wanted the buttons to be on top/hidden because a certain 11 month old likes to press the buttons I have on the front and turn my dishwasher off half way through. 

He said that Bosch is a great brand but it is air dry, not heat dry so I was going to have the same problem as I was before. That European models do not have heat dry. 

So I was back to square one. He pointed out a few others to me but kept referring me back to a particular KitchenAid one. He said for everything I am wanting, this is the best on the market. And one of the quietest with only 39 decibels (most dishwashers range from 42-46 decibels). I loved everything about it. Then I saw the price tag. And my smile went away. 

And Bobby saw it disappear too. Then he looked and shook his head and asked the sales guy what was the best deal he could get us for it. They were having a July 4th sale still going on and so Bobby knew there had to be something he could do. And that's what the guy did. He was able to work something out for us. We did pay more than I had anticipated but Bobby said to not hear me bitch anymore was totally worth it. 
Hahahahahahaha :-) Win Win in my book! 

Out with the old: Bye Felicia 

In with the new: Hello Gorgeous 

I thought I would show you how it looks loaded so you can see how much stuff I got in. The bottom was only filled about half way so I could have added even more. 

Isn't it beautiful! Who knew a dishwasher could make me so happy? 

Oh me....I knew that. I knew a new dishwasher would make me so happy. 

Love, Me

PS: My old one was an LG and the new one is a KitchenAid 39-Decibel Built In Energy STAR model number KDTE254ESS in case you are in the market.

PSS: You can tell a lot about a person if you open up their dishwasher and see what's in it and how they load it. :-)

PSSS: If you gave me a gift card or money for my birthday....Thank You Thank You Thank You! I love you!