Tuesday, July 19, 2016

50 weeks

How old? 50 weeks

Likes? His cousin Landry

Hates? When Daddy walks away from him

Milestones this week? Drinking through a straw. I tried him on one the other day and it was like he had been drinking through them his whole life. Now anytime I am drinking something, he thinks he can have some. And he is taking more steps. He gets excited when he gets going that he thinks he can run and then falls. 

Sleeping? His one year molars are coming in and it has been a struggle. Luckily, he takes medicine great so Motrin has been our best friend and teething tablets. So his sleep has been ok with that but not the best. 

Eating? He tried rotisserie chicken and liked it ok. He's not a big meat eater like you would think by looking at him. I make a protein smoothie in the afternoons before CrossFit and he loves them. They are packed full of good things so I never mind sharing. And now that he can drink from a straw, just makes it that much easier to share.